Ubuntu best programs for 2013

Posted: December 23, 2013 in programs, Ubutnu, windows
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And we’re back again with Linux systems with distribution months and loved by everyone, “Ubuntu” which I was able to gain many users due to its simplicity and its beauty, as well as the stability and steadiness known for Unix systems all distributions. In this post give you the best programs in Ubuntu for the year 2013.


Jerry is a program for e-mail is light and simple, compatible with the GNOME desktop., A program designed to allow you to read your e-mail quickly and easily.

Birdie Twitter App

Is an application that allows you to Twitter directly from your desktop and follow the new Twitter. This application features a Streamline and easy to manage your social network Twitter.


If you’re someone who likes to record his thoughts and observation Fbtakid appeal to this program, which features a beautiful design is far from the complex, as well as the speed of response, as well as a set of features that comes with it, every part of this interface is attractive.

Unity Tweak Tool

Is a small tool and process for managing desktop settings. Provide users with many features and settings for your desktop which one might wish to Alasfadh them. The tool is easy to use interface as simple as they come.

Intel Graphics Driver Installer

Intel introduced (specifically the Centre for Intel Open Source Technology) Installation of the latest and greatest graphics drivers. Reveal tool type graphics card in your computer, and you download and install Aldirifr, all this process does not only require a few clicks and a bit of patience. Intel easier on Linux this year.

Ubuntu SDK

In order to build applications that need to be attractive solid foundation. So Ubuntu provides a platform for designers of this program that makes it easy to build an application in any job you want through the components provided by the program in terms of design, which leads to an amazing experience for the user visually.


it don’t need a definition!

Lightworks for Linux

Video editor, it is also available for Windows!

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Ubuntu best programs for 2013

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